+ Why do I need video for my business?

Having a video on your website is pretty much a necessity at this point, especially if you’re working directly with your clients or if you are an online business and aren’t able to meet your clients in person. Not only is video great for SEO, but it lets potential clients get to know the person behind the business and builds a feeling of trust, which is especially important for small businesses trying to get seen and nonprofits looking for donations.

Here are some recent statistics for how marketing videos help grow your business…

+ What kind of videos do you do?

Banner Day Films can help you with just about any kind of video, but here are a few of our specialties!

The Brand Story Video — A great introduction to your business, your mission, and why you do what you do! Put it on your homepage, pin it to the top of your Facebook page… heck, you can even throw this bad boy into your email signature block!

The “Face-Behind-the-Brand” Video — Perfect for your About page, this video gives you a chance to connect with your clients and let them see, well... the face behind your brand, so they can get to know you on a more personal level!

The Testimonial Video — This is great for almost anywhere on your website, sitting comfortably on your homepage or in your gallery of past work, right next to that client’s project. We film a brief interview with the client and can also include footage of you working with the client to really illustrate the client experience!

The Product Video — This is just what it sounds like… a video that showcases your product. Use it to give your potential customers a more in-depth look at your product than they can get from photos and to show it in action!

The Process Video — This is a great video for your homepage, as it will show potential clients what it’s like working with you. This video will let you walk the viewer through your process (hence the name!) and can include footage showing you at work to capture the feel of working with you and/or graphics and text to really make the message stick!

+ What’s it like working with you?

At Banner Day Films, we work a bit differently than most people who offer marketing videos…

I find that most businesses need more than just a videographer who will shoot and edit whatever they're asked to. Most small business owners also need some guidance on honing the messaging for their marketing videos and advice on where and how they can leverage them once they're completed.

So, what does that mean in practice?

It means that we will be partners in creating your marketing videos. It means that I will work with you to determine where and how you want to use your marketing videos and to craft and hone your key messages before we start production. It means that I research video and social media marketing trends, so you don't have to. It also means that I will probably ask you a lot more questions at the start of our relationship than most other videographers will. That's because I need to learn as much about your business and your marketing goals and strategies (and about you!) as I can, in order to create the most engaging, effective marketing videos possible for your brand.

+ So, how does this whole thing go down?

I'm glad you asked! Your project will go through five phases of production...

Consultation — First, I’ll work with you to decide what kind of video will meet your current needs and to hone your messaging.

Pre-Production — During Pre-Production, we will finalize the vision for your video series. This includes determining the shooting style, color scheme, and graphics to be used. This is also when I take care of any administrative needs, such as the shot list, call sheets for our shoot dates, and any necessary release forms.

Production — Here’s where we get into the meat and potatoes of your video project. I’ll bring my professional, experienced crew and all my camera, lighting, and audio gear and we will shoot, shoot, shoot! (This is also the part where we get to hang out together and have fun—because even though it’s a lot of hard work, a good video shoot should be enjoyable!)

Post-Production — Now you sit back while I shape and mold our footage into the videos they were always meant to be. I will lovingly stitch each shot together, make them all look (and sound) pretty, and create graphics to show off their best features. When they’re all gussied up and ready to step out, I’ll send you the “rough cuts”.

Final Revisions — Once you’ve viewed the rough cut, you’ll have a chance to share your thoughts with me. I will make any needed adjustments and send back the final cut for your approval.

Delivery — This is it! We’ve reached the finish line! Once you’ve signed off on the final cut, I’ll create high quality digital files of your videos and deliver them into your eager arms!

Banner Day Films | Marketing videos... with heart.  | Tara editing video on laptop
Banner Day Films | Marketing videos... with heart.  | Tara working with client on video shoot

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