The MusicianShip’s Washington Youth Choir Fundraising Video

The Washington Youth Choir had recently come under the umbrella of the nonprofit organization, The MusicianShip. They needed an engaging and uplifting video to show at their gala fundraising dinner and wanted to feature their newest program.

Since the teens they work with are at the heart of everything The MusicianShip does, we wanted to make sure we included them in the video, which made for some really touching moments. We also shot this entire video in the high school art room where they rehearse, proof that you don’t need to have perfectly appointed locations to make a heartwarming (and effective) video.

The video was a hit at the fundraising dinner and the students’ parents were thrilled to hear about how this program had affected their children. We also provided some shorter clips from this video for use on social media, giving this project even more value.

Tara Garwood